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Correction / Creative writing / Interviews / Translation
Correction / Creative writing / Editing / Translation
Creative writing / Interviews
Correction / Creative writing / Editing
Creative writing / Interviews


Creative writing

We establish what you want to communicate and how. I prefer joining you in the creative process from the get-go. It’s my job to add value to your operation by presenting your story the best way possible.


You have a rough idea of where you want to go and you started writing things down. Following your line of thought and keeping your objective in mind, we take what you have and improve it.


Over the years, I’ve interviewed many interesting people, mostly artists and musicians. I also enjoy talking to specialists from a range of corporate fields for publications in their respective industries’ newsletters and magazines. Besides written publications, I’ve done a number of interviews for television and internet broadcasts. I’m available for all of the above.


Your written content is almost finished, but you feel it could benefit from a second opinion. I give you an honest evaluation of grammar, syntaxes, vocabulary, and creative / commercial value.


Every kind of text imaginable, to and from English and Dutch.